PNHC Supplement Drive

Feb 14-Mar 31, 2020
At Plattsville Natural Health Clinic, we are collecting any Multi-Vitamins, Pre-Natal Vitamins, or Children’s Multi-Vitamins that will be taken to those in need in Guatamala. The supplements can be expired, opened or new. Simply bring your supplements to PNHC before the deadline.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or contact us at the clinic and we would be happy to answer your questions!

Five Foods to Eat/Drink to Help with Weight Loss By Dr. Elisha Cook ND

With January brings the inevitable New Years Resolutions. For 45% of individuals last year (in the United States), their resolution involved getting in shape or losing weight. Weight loss is not just about calories in versus calories out, it is also about eating the right foods. The “right foods” differs between individuals, but there are several foods that cannot be ignored when it comes to their potential in aiding with weight loss (aside from incorporating more fruits and vegetables in general). Below we have a list of foods or items you might consider putting into your diet to help shed those couple extra pounds and why they are so great for you.

  1. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are small black seeds that can be added to almost anything (though it is important to keep in mind that when they come in contact with fluid they gel slightly). They have many beneficial properties that help them in the goal of weight loss. Chia seeds are a good source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids (not substantial levels to compensate for supplementation), and fiber. These components help to increase energy, decrease appetite, decrease inflammation and improve digestion; all of which helps with the path to weight loss. A caution should be noted for individuals with certain digestive concerns such as diverticulitis as the fiber from the chia seeds can be problematic and caution should be taken.

2. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes can be beneficial for weight loss for the reason that they can be a substitute for a regular white potato, which can be high in sugar and in glycemic index. A sweet potato has fewer calories than a regular white potato, and is high in antioxidants and vitamin B6. All of this in combination reduces the storage of blood sugar in the form of fat in the body.

3. Hot Water with Lemon

Starting each day with hot water with a slice of lemon can be beneficial for weight loss for a number of reasons: it can increase metabolism, stimulate digestion, and stimulate detoxification. By supporting these processes in the body, the drink may help with hormone processing and eliminating toxins, which could be key components that are preventing one from losing weight. Some sources also suggest that this drink can provide vitamin C, which some studies suggest can be important in weight loss.

4. Green Tea

Research has shown that even just 1 cup of green tea per day can be enough to stimulate increased metabolism. Green tea can also act as a substitute for coffee and the potential to “drink your calories” through having sugary coffee beverages.

5. Water

Drinking water is important for many bodily processes and functions in general. In addition, feeling hungry could be a sign that we are actually thirsty. By curbing your appetite through drinking water first, this can help with weight loss. Research has suggested that drinking a glass of water before each meal helped to increase potential weight loss by 3lbs compared to individuals who did not drink water before meals. Water can also increase the amount of calories burned in one hour, after consuming 500ml of water.

For weight loss in general, it is important to focus on everything in moderation. Even consuming too much of “the good foods” can cause weight gain. Consider consulting with a Naturopathic Doctor (such as Dr. Elisha Cook ND) or other health care provider before embarking on your weight loss journey to make sure you are eating the right foods and right amounts for you.  

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Please note the information contained in this article is not meant to replace medical advice. Please contact your health care provider or Dr. Elisha Cook for more specific information about your situation.

PNHC Holiday Shoe and Sock Drive

From November 20 – December 31, 2019, we will be running a shoe and sock drive at Plattsville Natural Health Clinic!

During this time of year, we want to take the opportunity to give generously to those in need by making use of one of our amazing services – Pedorthic Care through Danielle Molnar.

Bring in your USED shoes that you no longer need, and our Pedorthist Danielle will repair them where needed. Also bring in a NEW pair of socks to go with it.

Both the USED SHOES (that have been repaired) and the NEW SOCKS will be donated to a local homeless shelter or center for those in need.

Contact us today for more information on how you can contribute and be a part of this drive!

Thank you for your generosity, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at PNHC!

Halloween and Health Eating

Halloween and Healthy Eating: How to Stick to a Diet/Healthy Eating By Dr. Elisha Cook ND

For anyone trying to lose a couple of pounds or keep healthy, Halloween can be a tricky holiday. You want to have treats available for the ghouls and goblins visiting, but do not want to be stuck with the left-over temptation. We recommend trying some of the below strategies to help you make it through this tricky holiday and keep in check with your health goals

  • Have treats available you do not care for

Buy only the treats that you can easily say no to or portion more easily. If you are a sugar fiend, but can easily avoid chocolate – stick with chocolate and chocolate bars you can easily avoid.

  • Consider non-edible treats

Consider offering stickers, pencils, or other surprises for your visitors. These treats will help you to avoid the temptation of sugary treats all together.

  • Offer healthy alternatives

Offering healthy alternatives for trick-or-treaters can help you to practice moderation and resist temptation. Some options might include Pur gum, coconut water, fruit packaged in water, or pre-packaged trail mix.

  • Balance your protein and carbs

Balancing your plate with proteins and carbs helps to keep hunger in check and keeps you from reaching for those high sugar items to keep the energy up.

  • Eat regularly

During this time, avoid fasting and stick to 3 meals per day to help keep hunger in check to avoid the temptation of a sweet treat.

  • Drink enough water

Drinking enough water can curb those cravings and keep hunger at bay, making it easier to resist temptation. When you are tempted to have a sweet treat, drink water first.

  • Forgive easily and get back on track

It is important to recognize that you are only human and it is okay to make mistakes. Do not let one missed opportunity to do “well” set the course for the rest of the day. If you slip up and over indulge, recognize your error, and get back on track. Set your mind to continue to make healthy choices and to get back on track quickly.

At the end of the day, it is important to recognize that everything should be taken in moderation. It is okay to have a treat, but not over-do it. From all of us at Plattsville Natural Health Clinic, we want to wish you a safe and Happy Halloween.  

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Please note the information contained in this article is not meant to replace medical advice. Please contact your health care provider or Dr. Elisha Cook ND for more specific information about your situation.